Kebene Childrens Home is an initiative of Arianne Dorst (the Netherlands) and Pasci Princen (Belgium). In 2007 they started a small-scale project to provide shelter for street children and orphans in Kenya. The home, which currently provides shelter for 40 children, is situated in the vicinity of Diani Beach, near Mombasa, along the South coast of Kenya.

The home is established for the purpose of giving some of the most helpless children in Kenya a home where they are given the love and care they need. This way they can grow up in an environment that encourages them to develop themselves into adolescents who can contribute to the development of their country. It provides them with a solid foundation and the possibility to grow in a safe and loving environment, so that they have the opportunity to live an independent life in the future.

The name Kebene stands for Kenya (Ke), Belgium (Be) and the Netherlands (Ne). The organisation takes multiple initiatives to raise the financial means to provide the children with the necessities of life, such as health care, education, upbringing, recreation, etcetera. There is a lot of funding needed to give the children what they are entitled to!



Kebene strives to provide the children with good care, upbringing and education, so that they can stand on their own two feet after they have finished their secondary education. Every day there is a team of people present in Kebene, ready to provide shelter, guidance and the much needed love and warmth. The children attend the Alexander Makaela School or Rainbow 4 Kids primary School, an excellent private school within walking distance of the home. In addition, the health of the children is being monitored and corrected when needed by way of the Kebene Health Project. Religion is very important and cannot be though away in a country such as Kenya. Therefore, the children are actively engaged with their faith and are given the space to also develop themselves in this area.


Village: Maweni

Mswambweni District

Sub Locatie: Diani Beach - Mombasa

Regio: Zuid Coast



VZW Kebene Belgie ondernemingsnummer 0897.314.930 / Rekeningnummer: Iban BE78 7795 9305 3586 - Bic / swift GKCCBEBB

 Stichting Kebene Nederland KvK onder nummer 20140176 (RSIN Nummer: 8193.18.073) / Rekeningnummer: Iban NL18 RABO 0144 0665 56  - Bic / swift RABONL2U


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